Monday, September 27, 2010

Dream? and feeling LOVE

After watching the HK's version of 中南海保镖, it was indeed 好霖死人啊!
Thereafter, I got to know there is a original version of The Bodyguard by Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston. And of course the most amazing part is the song title "I Will Always Love You"

I think in order to get the true love feeling, have to watch these 2 movies and listen to the song. making heart beating in every second seriously especially most of the scenes starting Jet Li and Chirsty Chung.

Christy Chung was born in Montreal and she is a Canadian-Chinese (I super like oversea chinese decent!!! CSP) who won the "Miss Chinese Montreal" contest in 1992 and participate in the Miss Chinese International pageant in January 1993, in which she won despite not knowing a single Chinese word.
She is the winner of MCI 1993.

It make me want to watch the live concert on the spot with lover. But I guess I dont have such a chances, maybe my kids can release my dream?!? think too far, get a wife first...

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