Monday, September 27, 2010

Dream? and feeling LOVE

After watching the HK's version of 中南海保镖, it was indeed 好霖死人啊!
Thereafter, I got to know there is a original version of The Bodyguard by Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston. And of course the most amazing part is the song title "I Will Always Love You"

I think in order to get the true love feeling, have to watch these 2 movies and listen to the song. making heart beating in every second seriously especially most of the scenes starting Jet Li and Chirsty Chung.

Christy Chung was born in Montreal and she is a Canadian-Chinese (I super like oversea chinese decent!!! CSP) who won the "Miss Chinese Montreal" contest in 1992 and participate in the Miss Chinese International pageant in January 1993, in which she won despite not knowing a single Chinese word.
She is the winner of MCI 1993.

It make me want to watch the live concert on the spot with lover. But I guess I dont have such a chances, maybe my kids can release my dream?!? think too far, get a wife first...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

World is reality?

no matter how things happen, reality is still the word.
but i guess some good MTV can release my thinking just for couple of moment.

Friday, March 12, 2010

My Future Plan

If possible, I want to send my kids to US for university education. Although i think i am unable to make it myself for my entire life, i hope my kids can help me realize the dream. Hope my kids can speak a good native English.

I am getting more demanding, instead of having a dream of studying oversea to a more specific country.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Korean Language Guideline 3

I am wishing you all the best in your future undertaking
저의 마음으로부터 축복을 받아 주십시오.
앞으로 열심히 하고 좋은 미래 될 것 축복을 받아 주십시오.

A. To leader= 1+2
B. To colleague= 2

1. I will try my best and work hard.
앞으로 꼭 열심히 하겠습니다.
(ar pe rou) (kok) (yeo si mi ha geh si ni da)

2. Please give me more advice (请多多指教)
잘 부탁드립니다.
(char) (pu ta de li mi da)

Friday, January 22, 2010


好温馨的场面!我非常盼望和期待这个时间的来临! 祝福我吧!
虽然他们的年龄都蛮大了, 但是还是看起来很年青, 我要每天做运动!

1. 김치찌개 泡菜汤 3,500원
#2. 된장찌개 大酱汤 3,500원 #recommended(된장:大酱)
3. 해물 뚝배기 海鲜酱汤 3,500원
4. 만두백반 饺子汤饭 3,000원
*5. 비빔밥 拌饭 3,000원 *
#6. 순두부 豆腐汤 3,000원 #
7. 육개장 细牛肉丝汤 3,500원
8. 카레 덮밥 咖喱盖饭 3,000원
9. 짜장 덮밥 炸酱盖饭 3,000원
#10. 제육 덮밥 炒猪肉盖饭 3,000원 #
11. 우동면 乌冬面 2,500원
12. 라면 拉面 2,000원
13. 신라면 辛拉面 2,500원
14. 떡국 年糕汤 3,000원
*15. 두루치기 炒肉片 3,500원 *recommended
*16. 야채 덮밥 蔬菜炒饭+鸡蛋 3,000원 *

#Decorated Shop
*Bold [ 먹고 또 먹고 = 吃了又吃]

김 밥 Gimbap
참치 김 밥 Tuna Gimbap
참치 야채비빔밤 Tuna BiBimbap
김치븎음밥 KimChi 炒饭
카레밥 咖喱饭
만두라먄 Mandu 面
치즈라먄 cheese面
라먄 拉面
해물우동 海鲜乌冬
원조김밥 original gimbap
냄비우동 pot udong
떡국 板面
원조김밥 original gimbap
냄비우동 pot udong
온국수 warm
냉국수 cold
제육닾밥 chek yuk
오징어닾밥 sotong
새우븎음밥 udang
육개장 牛肉
갈바탕 牛肉排骨
고구마 sweet potato
공기밥 白饭

Busan Food:
1. 돼지국밥 (Pork meat soup)
2. 뼈다귀 해장국 (Pork born in sasang, busan)
3. 갈비 (Kalbi/grilled beef kinda sweet)
4. 냉면 (冷面)
5. 밀면 similar with冷面
6. 콩국수 Kong-gook-su / noodles in soyabean soup

Namcheon Dong (Opposite Gwanganli Beach)
-Dolsot Bap (steamed rice which served hot in personal hot stone, add some water soong-nyoong)
돌솥밥 Dolsot Bap
숭늉 Soong-nyoong

회 – Fresh Fish/Raw Fish
생선회 (probal words)

부페 (bu per, = buffet)
국제시장 (国际市场)

Buy Souvenir Shop
釜山市, 中区新昌洞, 4街5工区, A-18-1